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Been home since Friday night. Yesterday (and this morning) I spent setting up my TiBook so I could do some coding from home—XDarwin, especially, needed a lot of prodding to start working properly—but all works well now.

Yesterday afternoon I spent in Marblehead at the tenth annual Boston BBS Lobsterfest (and second Annual Meeting). This was the tenth time the Lobsterfest had been held, but the first time I've been able to attend. The last time I had met any of the rest of the group was at Macworld Boston in 1997. The weather was terrific, and it was enjoyable, if slightly more low-key than I expected. Here's a group picture:

I'm just about to drive up to New Hampshire, where I'll be for the next 4-5 days at least. We pay per minute to make a local telephone call there, so my Internet access will be rather restricted. Barn construction is proceeding: work began on the inside last week. My parents and I will spend the next several days painting the outside (while it's still on the ground, thankfully): 3000 linear feet of wood, on both sides.

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