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F-Script Anywhere 1.1.3 released, with further enhancements to the “Associate With Interface” command: a targeting cursor displayed during capture, support for capturing menu item selection, and information associated with a view or window:

Subversion alpha release was today. I've been getting some crashes traceable to Berkeley DB, and unfortunately they've started corrupting my repository. I think this may be an OS X-specific problem, so I'll try to move the repository to Linux, and if that doesn't help, back to CVS for me, and I'll come back to Subversion around beta time.

More interesting discoveries from my referers: Lola, deric's weblog, Industrie Toulouse.

I've been posting weblog entries but they haven't been showing up because is deciding not to accept my requests. I need to switch to PyCS some time soon, so I can upload somewhere else yet not lose referer tracking and other useful features of the Radio Community Server.

The Subversion bug I ran into earlier has been fixed, and now I've succesfully imported the source for three of my projects.

Doc Searls has been pointing to lots of articles about the insane Net radio fees, but this is the first article I've seen in the mainstream media that presents a balanced view. Most of them were incredibly one-sided, as was the treatment on NPR's Weekend Edition I heard of KPIG shutting down their streams. Everything was of the form “hey, we can't afford this”, and the RIAA saying “well, that's your problem, you're stealing music”, rather than discussing the completely bizarre manner in which the fees were “negotiated” in the first place.

I did some hacking on the Subversion code today and was very impressed: it's well-written and -commented, and the folks on #svn continue to be amazingly patient and understanding with my issues. Subversion 1.0 will kick ass.

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