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I switched to CURLHandle—an extremely painless experience. CURLHandle replaces NSURLHandle without your needing to do a single thing to your code. But CURLHandle leaks memory too. It leaks a lot less: a CFMachPort, CFRunLoopSource and two CFBags. I was able to remedy the problem by only creating a CURLHandle when you change the image URL, which won't be too often.

I am now out of stuff OmniObjectAlloc can help me with: the continuing leaks don't register. Yet I'm still leaking 50K per image load! I commented out the image drawing, then the image loading, then the status window notification, so about all the app does is load a URL on a timer, and it still leaks.

So, DockCam is on hold until I resolve this last remaining issue. I've fixed the rest of the bugs, and some more I discovered along the way. Right now I'm trying out MallocDebug.

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