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Mike Pinkerton (whose weblog I don't read regularly because it doesn't have a syndicated version I could find) complained about nobody at MacHack using Mozilla on their TiBooks. I find Mozilla barely usable on my dual G4/533 and G4/800 TiBook—to the point I use it as my primary Web browser, and have for months—but unusable on a G4/400. That might be part of it: not everyone can afford the latest hardware to run their Web browsers on.

Pink also complains that there aren't enough external Mozilla Mac developers. I've tried, on several occasions, to contribute; most often I just get ignored or yelled at that I shouldn't be doing something. While the few Mozilla/Netscape developers I know personally are quite nice (as were those I met at MacHack—there was a huge Netscape contingent there: scc, pink, smfr, brade, dagley, and another?), the whole development process seems amazingly cliquey and resistant to people who don't have their entire lives to give over to the greater good that is Mozilla. Scott Collins was bragging on #mozilla about his 23" Cinema HD display. Then as now... *drool*. I gotta get me out of school so I can afford this stuff again.

Which leads me back to work. I'll get back to DockCam next weekend if miscellaneous festivities don't overwhelm me.

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