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On the last day of MacHack, Eric Albert gave Andrew Downs some help with porting his Java dock tile app he wrote for a MacTech article from JNI to JDirect. My first thought was to adapt it for showing my webcam to my parents—finally, a valid use of dock magnification. I spent an hour rewriting the code in Cocoa after spending some time on the Java version earlier today: it was a lot faster than getting the Java version to do what I wanted.

My application was very bare-bones, but it did what I wanted: displayed the webcam image in the application's dock icon and a separate window. PhotoStickies is far more full-featured, but it doesn't update its windows in the dock. If I get a spare hour later this week, I'll add a simple user interface to my code and post it.

I'm not feeling too well right now, so I'm about to go home and sleep; hopefully I will be better in time for our group meetings tomorrow morning.

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