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Richard Shindell is on the FolkScene broadcast this week. His singing brings me almost to tears at times. Eric asked for some links to streaming radio and artists I like, so here's the first. Doc Searls includes a lot of good links as well: I listen to most of them. Sad to see that SomaFM is gone: it accounted for a good 25% of the streams in my playlist. Follow the SomaFM link if you want to do something about this travesty.

Forgot to mention that I saw Louis Gerbarg using Radio at MacHack. He's upstreaming to PyCS, and his weblog is here.

Radio was performing abysmally on his iBook: I'm not quite sure why. It works acceptably on my dual G4/533: bringing up the aggregator is 3 seconds, my posting page is 2 seconds. One hint is that Radio was reporting a background usage of 15 threads. My copy of Radio currently shows only six threads. Louis, if you're reading this, please post on the DG: something is wrong and the helpful folks there should be able to troubleshoot it for you.

Another problem Louis showed me, which I couldn't resolve in the few minutes I had, was .opml files in his gems folder which were rendered regardless of the flRender preference being set to false. How do you debug the page rendering process in Radio? I know how to do it in Frontier's website framework, and to a lesser extent in Manila, but Radio has many additional layers…

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