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My new PowerBook has been christened Shirley. Otherwise used so far, in order: Little Beeper (PowerBook 540), Elmyra (UMAX J700), Gogo (Newton 2100), Buster (PowerBook G3), Byron (Power Mac G4), Babs (PowerBook G4), WB (AirPort base station), Calamity (Power Mac 9500), Montana Max (LaserWriter Pro 630), Concord (PowerBook G4).

I'm going to run out of untainted Tiny Toon Adventures characters soon. I'd prefer to stay away from the more bizarre characters (Hamton, Plucky, Fifi). Still in the running are Sneezer, Sweetie, Bookworm, Furrball, and a few others.

So I'll need a new (and perhaps more current) naming scheme at some point.

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