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It seems Flash Player has started to suck. While watching this fine Flash animation (courtesy Jim), Mozilla crashed halfway through. So I loaded it in OmniWeb, which crashed about 3/4 of the way through. Finally I opened it in QuickTime Player, which actually let me skip past the part I had already seen. Imagine that, Macromedia, not wanting to re-watch a multi-minute presentation from the beginning!

The plugin version I'm using is 5.0r58. I see Flash Player 6 is out, I guess I'll try that, but I'm not very hopeful. Programs tend not to return from a state of extreme bugginess in subsequent versions. This dictates that the Jaguar Finder will suck at least as much as the 10.1 one does, but I still hold out hope.

How to reconstitute a 'locked' NIB file so Interface Builder can open it.

Lunch today was great. My mother made an interesting interpretation of crab cakes, and my favorite use of onion-as-vegetable. I'm certainly not going to be getting food like this any more after they leave, unless I learn to cook it…

I thought I had filtered Jon Katz articles from my Slashdot viewing, but somehow this one showed up. The “l970's”, indeed. I feel compelled to recommend The Mac is not a typewriter.

Finally taking a look at Marc Barrot's latest activeRenderer work. Marc visited Paolo in Italy this weekend. I have been to Venice, if only for a few days about nine years ago (wow, it's been that long…), so I know enough to be envious. :-)

Comments on the activeRenderer tool:

Is tool updating supposed to work? I can't figure it out. If I manually trigger it, I get an error message: “Can't update the root because “The server,, returned error code 4: Can't send you an update because the sysop hasn't registered a database named “activeRenderer.root”.”

You should probably dump the 'activeRendererWebsite' table if you don't create a web site.

The tool automatically creates a template for my Instant Outline. It doesn't look so good. Can it use your existing template instead? It'd be nice to be able to plop an outline down anywhere, rather than having to do it on a page basis.

#flDisplayCup “regular”—no, 'fl' means 'flag', true or false. #opmlCupStyle, perhaps?

Otherwise, looks good, simple, clean. Some of the stylistic things about your UserTalk coding I'd change, but from looking at RssDistiller, it seems to be a reflection of eVectors' style. My personal style is a lot closer to UserLand's, because that's what I grew up with, so to speak.

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