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Seth Dillingham writes about calendar positioning. I experienced the same issue myself, but there's one big reason I don't move my calendar to the bottom of the page: having a navigational element which changes position is bad. If I'm trying to scan through several days, with a calendar at the bottom of the page, the .

Conversant's “discussion thread” iframe on the page I linked to exhibits a similar problem: to view consecutive messages in the thread, you have to keep moving your mouse back and forth, because the position of the iframe varies depending on the length of the message you're currently viewing. Ideally, the thread navigation should be in a separate, fixed-position frame (the way Google Groups does it), or at the top of the page in an iframe.

I like to think my solution to the problem—keeping the calendar at the top of the page, but providing a link at the bottom of the page that points to the calendar, for those people unfamiliar with it—is a good compromise.

Speaking of Conversant, version 1.0b1 was released today. I don't have much use for it at the moment, but for those people who are interested, it's a very nice piece of software.

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