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'm' just stopped working in Project Builder. It stopped working right in the middle of my typing:

- (SXDocument *)docuent;

My first, frightened thought was that the key had failed. I switched to the O2, it worked fine; switched to Key Caps, fine there too. Mu, option-m, capital M, command-M to minimize, they all work, just not plain old lowercase m.

The April beta of PB 2.0 hasn't crashed once in several solid days of development; the only flakiness it's showed is in showing class information for multiple targets (it doesn't, so it picks the first one and you have to work hard to persuade it to forget), and one time when the Find panel stopped coming up, fixed by quitting and restarting. So the upshot is that this 'm' situation is the biggest thing I've had to complain about in a while.

(Closing and reopening the project fixed it.)

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