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<UncleJed> So what is included in the new Developer Tools?
<UncleJed> I know it has betas of the new stuff, but is the release stuff
           still there as well?
<sabi> yes
<sabi> and ASS 1.1 is GM
<sabi> as is AS 1.8.2
<UncleJed> So is there any harm in me upgrading? 
<sabi> IB 2.2.1 is final, too.
<sabi> not really.
<RealCmdr> ASS?
<UncleJed> or are there even new versions of the other release stuff?
<sabi> ThreadViewer and Sampler are revised too
<UncleJed> Anal Stimulation Studio
<sabi> yup. :)
<sabi> worst. acronym. ever.
<CmdrKuehn> that's why mac developers are so happy
<CmdrKuehn> visual studio needs that.

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