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I fixed a couple of problems with the CocoaDev RSS feed (broken URLs and ordering) today. Simone Bettini of eVectors responded to me very quickly regarding my bug fix in RssDistiller, but unfortunately he didn't fix the bug quite properly for my scripts to work.

In searching the Web to see if Simone had a home page or Weblog I could link to (he doesn't), I discovered Simone had been working on a WebDAV client tool for Radio! I didn't know about it! I can't believe we never crossed paths before, as I would have really liked to have seen his work before I started working on the WebDAV upstream driver. Oh well.

Once the remaining problem in RssDistiller is fixed, you can have your very own CocoaDev feed by installing my distiller into Radio, and the RssDistiller feed directly into RssDistiller itself through the Web interface.

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