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My instant outline rendering works! The link in the sidebar at left is broken, but you can see the result here. The scripts are based on opmlRender, although my stuff many times faster because it doesn't modify the outline in place. It includes to-do items. For once, CSS mostly cooperated.

Stuff to do with this later:

  • release the new toDo.root including rendering scripts
  • it seems setting #flRender to true stops my Instant Outline from updating in its OPML version… is there a workaround?
  • fix the sidebar link in the rendered site; it's fine in the desktop website.

Several people emailed me regarding the icons not working on Windows. It seems Iconographer is not converting them properly, since GraphicConverter doesn't like the ICO files it produces either. I'll convert the icons with GraphicConverter tomorrow, and hopefully it'll work.

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