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Not much worth blogging recently in my life: car washed and vacuumed, taxes ready to go off tomorrow, head down in preparation for meeting with advisor on Wednesday.

Since my parents' last phone is dying, I spent a while last night looking through cordless phone/answerers, always an interesting sojourn into the inanity of consumer electronics (yes, Uniden, with 45 models of cordless phones, I'm talking to you). Here's what I picked out:

This phone supports up to 4 handsets (you can use them to do a conference call or for intercom). It is about $125 with one handset, or $150 with two handsets (VTech 2460). An additional handset is $60 otherwise, which makes the two-handset thing a good deal… It has very good sound quality, lightweight handset, answering machine, headset jack, includes a spare battery charger, and has a speakerphone on the handset.

More info here; buy it with one handset, two handsets.

This phone only supports 1 handset (Uniden makes more expensive phones, but they only support up to 2). It looks like a 2.4 GHz version of my phone, but with a smaller handset. It has a speakerphone in the base, but no battery backup so if the power goes out, you lose your messages. It's $80.

More info here; buy it here.

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