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My writing here has been extremely poor recently. Every time I reread a paragraph after posting it, I find missing words, awkward phrasing, and a train of thought that hardly deserves to exist.

Take my most recent post, on HostLauncher. The writing was actually worse before I revised it, but I'll leave it in its present form as an example. I had been awake for 27 hours when I posted it, which undoubtedly contributed to the post's lack of coherence.

Conclusions? I'll attempt to write more clearly, in an attempt to keep what few readers I still have. And I'll stop posting when I'm exhausted. Despite the feeling of accomplishment I get from a public cry of "yeah! it's finished!" after a long night of hacking, my embarrassment at seeing the next morning what I posted should be enough to dissuade me from posting in the first place.

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