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Spent way too much time last night and this morning working on HostLauncher. But a feature works now.

In late July of last year, I started working on HostLauncher in my free time. Since then I've started, and finished, many other smaller programming projects. HostLauncher has been in a semi-usable state for launching since October, and for editing since January. I've decided to put aside the other two projects I've been working on—debugging ICeCoffEE Terminal support and client-side digest authentication support for Radio/Frontier—and focus on HostLauncher for a few weeks.

Last night I implemented a good first pass at Terminal integration: a big usability benefit. I just triaged bugs into four areas: major, minor, polish, and post-1.0 work. There are two items in the major category, one much more difficult than the other. It's implementing the protocol-specific connection editing, so SSH connections actually behave like you'd expect. I'm still not sure to do here, but more design work is definitely in order.

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