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The interesting OS X/Classic bug I posted about a few days ago has become more amusing. WindowServer crashed while I was running Classic, but Classic didn't quit. Once the WindowServer restarted, instead of getting the message I got in the past—about two copies of Classic not being able to run simultaneously—Classic dutifully started up again.

Hey, it works! Two copies of Classic are running.

nicholas 13672  17.2  4.7  1125088  43040  ??  R     21:06.41 TruBlueEnvironment 
nicholas 21204   2.1  3.0  1123772  27696  ??  S      0:36.86 TruBlueEnvironment 

I wouldn't have noticed this if I hadn't been listening to RealPlayer at the time of the crash. As WindowServer crashed and restarted, sound continued to play uninterrupted, and RealPlayer continued to draw its status on the screen. I can't interact with the phantom Classic any more, but everything works still—even networking and audio in both copies of Classic simultaneously. Here's a screenshot of the whole mess.

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