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iTunes 2.0.4 has improved AppleScript support. I hope it'll let me script uploading files to my MP3 player… that was one thing that didn't quite work in 2.0.3. Although, since I got a card reader, it's less important. Got to open it in Resorcerer again to add a command-\ shortcut for Zoom like I did for earlier versions—edit the çMNU resource ID 135 in the Localized.rsrc file for your language. The addition means I can zoom iTunes, switch songs and zoom back all with the keyboard. I also have F10/F11 bound (via Drop Drawers) to switch to the next and previous song or stream.

I'm making a concerted effort this week to move to Mozilla as my main Web browser. The inclusion of the download manager removes one significant beef I had with it, and the speed keeps improving all the time.

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