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Finally realized what was using all the hard disk space I kept on losing, seemingly at random. Core files! In /private/cores on OS X:

[p2:6] /private/cores%ls -l
total 311M
-r--------    1 root     wheel         59M Mar  7 21:18 core.225
-r--------    1 root     wheel         69M Mar  6 23:20 core.226
-r--------    1 root     wheel         61M Mar 20 18:17 core.230
-r--------    1 root     wheel         68M Mar 11 17:13 core.239
-r--------    1 root     wheel         54M Mar 15 23:17 core.241

I have core files enabled because I sometimes need them for debugging, but thought my limiting coredumpsize to 0K was sufficient. However, when daemons (lookupd in the above cases) crash, they still dump core.

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