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Adam Curry has some things to say today that really resonate with me. "I remember 1993, trying to explain to MTV that the net was going to happen, they didn't believe me, had their own initiatives. Look at the 'official' MTV, then look at my mtv. I like mine better. Its honest, no smoke, no mirrors. Of course I don't have JLo either, but I'll get over it." I don't mind the compromise!

Early this morning I was walking home in the fresh snow, listening to an hour of KPIG I had recorded on my MP3 player. Most of the music I hadn't heard before, or even the fake commercials, but I was singing along because it was good, and I was really happy, exhausted, going home, thinking about what I was going to do tomorrow.

And the RIAA would have me deprived of free (or listener-supported) Internet radio because it wouldn't be possible for the big guys to squeeze everyone else out and feed everyone a steady diet of repetitive drivel. An ignorant consumer is a willing customer, anyone else is a criminal... or something, the way society seems to be evolving.

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