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Today, once again, I plug in my MP3 player, and my Mac crashes, like it does about every tenth time I plug in my MP3 player. This bug has been around for over a year, no change. This time it managed to trash my iTunes Music Library file. I hope it didn't cause directory corruption. Because OS X does so many more things at once, its filesystem is actually more prone to corruption than Mac OS 9 ever was. I'm definitely going to get my swap files moved to another disk today.

There used to be no problems with my computer that bothered me day in and day out, as recently as two years ago. Now there are hundreds of outright bugs in the OS. Windows don't activate when they're supposed to, they don't update properly, I get unexplained crashes and lengthy hangs, everything is slow and cumbersome to use. And OS X still crashes once every day or too.

The standards of quality in OS X, currently, are atrocious. On the other hand, Apple is doing very well with fixing the other bugs I've reported this year. So I hold hope for the future as OS X moves past the “immature, new OS” stage.

The public Darwin bugs web site hasn't been updated in two weeks, with no indication of when it will be back again.

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