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I took a break from reading to make some changes to the template…

  • Now the RSS and email links aren't stranded at the bottom of the page.
  • The calendar is at the top of the page, eliminating the right sidebar with its huge amount of wasted space. This area is used for a good purpose on the Desktop Website Home Page, but not on the public pages. And now people with less than gigantic monitors should be able to read the entire width of the page without scrolling.
  • The last updated date is gone from the weblog pages because it doesn't seem to change (it read February 6, when I had obviously been changing both the template and content many times since then). In its place is a hint to look at the calendar, since I've discovered not everyone knows what it means.
  • And I killed the vertical bar that appeared on the story pages; it looks a bit cramped now, but mostly not.

I wish Radio was clearer about its upstreaming activity; it just needs to say “done” when it's finished with your request, instead of leaving you hanging.

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