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This is definitely the most targeted spam I've ever received.

Dear Sir,                                                                       
   My name is ChenHua, and I'm writing on behalf of the                         
China-Lutong mechanical company. Located in the south east                      
of China, we specialize in hydraulic heads for the VE                           
distributor pump.                                                               
   We can supply standard, good quality units at a very                         
competitive price. The following types are available:                           
Engine model VE PUMS code   NO     UNIT PRICE(EX WORKS)                         
ISUZU)   NP-VE4/11L    096400-1600          $USD40                              
                                 (NIPPON DENSO)                                 
ISUZU    NP-VE4/11R    146402-0820(zexel)   $USD45                              

Imagine if the whole world worked this way: everyone got everything. We'd be sifting through garbage for our entire lives. (Although I feel somewhat like that with the huge stack of papers on my desk.)

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