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It's been two days since I exercised, and boy am I feeling it. Note
to self: don't forget, ever, no matter (almost) what. Do it when you
get home from school if needed.

Wish I was still going to Kuk
, but I'm sufficiently behind that will have to start again
next semester. OTOH, I will start going to the gym this week in
addition to my home exercise.

I was going to edit my Radio template remotely to fix an ALT tag, so I
cd'd into the 'www' directory and typed 'ls':

#cascadingStyleSheet.css     #navigatorLinks.xml  WebDAV/          images/               stories/
#dayTemplate.txt             #prefs.txt           customBlogPost/  index.txt             system/
#desktopWebsiteTemplate.txt  #template.txt        customLinks/     manilaBloggerBridge/  whoIs/
#homeTemplate.txt            #upstream.xml        directory.opml   myPictures/
#itemTemplate.txt            2002/                gems/            rss.xml

So, my first thought was “hey, what's up with all those backup files?”
Emacs saves files with the format #filename#, and my first inclination
was to delete them.

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