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Got URL launching with ICeCoffEE working in, but it crashes at times. I think the problem is that no more characters are stored than there are characters in a line of text, so if I try to select from character 70, but the line only goes up to character 30, it starts merrily romping through memory. Unfortunately the structure that stores the Terminal buffer (_LineChunk) is not exposed at all, and I'm not very good at using gdb to figure out how it's structured. I've been poking at this for several hours, and I've reached the point of diminishing returns, so it's time to stop.

What I may end up having to do is grabbing more text than I want, to the ends of the lines, and then postprocessing the result.

This is only going to work in the Mac OS X 10.1 Terminal, it was significantly rewritten from the Mac OS X 10.0.x Terminal: for example, the class that shows the terminal view is called “TermView” in 10.1, versus “Terminal” (a subclass of “FieldView”) in 10.0.

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