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Today was chaos and I didn't get much work done.

Those folks in the U of I Registration building have things cushy,
they all had Aeron chairs and beautifully laid out offices.

And it took this one guy about 5 minutes to do my late registration.
It went something like this. Look at my forms, type for a while.
Wander off to another office to retrieve a printout. Type for a while
longer. Consult one binder of fees. Put that away. Consult another
binder. Answer the phone. Print out two copies of my fee schedule,
on the printer on his desk. Type some more. Tell me to go off
somewhere else to pay my money.

About 10 minutes elapsed total, two computers, two printers, binders,
much clicking and typing. That includes my interaction with the (very
nice) receptionist and my wait for the guy. Something is definitely
wrong there.

Going to help Chris Lattner
and his girlfriend/roommates move a sofa tonight, because I'm the guy
with the pickup truck. Joy.

Patrick Beard has a
weblog now. Didn't know he played the saxophone. Maybe there's a
Steve Zellers connection from when Patrick worked at Apple?

Norbert Heger (LaunchBar author) got back to me about the Finder
selection thing, it's working, he likes it, I knew there were some
bugs in the error handling which I'll deal with tomorrow night, I

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