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Dan Bricklin writes (get a better permanent URL strategy going! Anchors are your friends…) about the Center for Integration of Medicine and Innovative Technology. Hey, that's what I want to do. :-)

Also in the “not quite a weblog” category is Dan Gillmor's “new” site. If you have to click to get new content, and scroll through recent content, it ain't a Weblog. Just a collection of articles.

The font size is tiny as you can guess the Web “developers” didn't bother to test on a Mac, or read any of the many books and articles on the subject. Oh, and look in the source:

	if (b=="Netscape") this.b="ns";
	else if ((b=="Opera") || (navigator.userAgent.indexOf("Opera")>0)) this.b = "opera";
	else if (b=="Microsoft Internet Explorer") this.b="ie";
\// I have disabled the following line, but something similar might be useful later, 
\// but launching a popup window is more polite than this alert. 	
\//if (!b) alert('Unidentified browser./nThis browser is not supported,');

Damn right saying “unidentified browser” is wrong. Heard of web standards? Make it work everywhere, make it look pretty with CSS, SVG, Flash, whatever, where you can.

And of course, the page content is the usual spacer GIF/table background color garbage. That's a redesign, folks.

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