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Trying to fix my template, add proper CSS support, etc. I opened up the 'www' folder in BBEdit's file browser. Nothing shows up. What's up with this? It seems to be the default way Radio outputs text files. So, some investigation with my launch tool (shameless plug) reveals:

[p1:5] ~%launch -f '/Volumes/GrayExtra/Extra/Radio UserLand/www/2002/01/30.txt'    
/Volumes/GrayExtra/Extra/Radio UserLand/www/2002/01/30.txt: document
        type: '    '    creator: 'text'
        kind: Plain text document
What is a creator of 'text'? It's not claimed by any application on my system (launch -nc 'text'). And a type of '    ' (four spaces) is not the same as an empty type; however a type of '????' is. (See Apple's docs.) Jake seems to think it's TextEdit's creator, but it's not:
[p2:3] ~%launch -f `launch -ni`                      12:22AM
/Applications/ Mac OS X application package 
        type: 'APPL'    creator: 'ttxt'
        bundle ID:
        kind: Application

TextEdit's creator is actually the same as SimpleText's creator. The code in question is in file.writeTextFile.

Here's a fun experiment:

[p1:26] ~%touch blah                                                    12:33AM
[p1:27] ~%SetFile -t '    ' blah                                        12:33AM
[p1:28] ~%launch -f blah                                                12:33AM
blah: document
        type: '    '    creator: ''
        kind: Radio UserLand Document

Radio actually registers four spaces as a file type! Definite bug. According to the File Extension Guidelines (which I don't 100% agree with, but…) Radio is best off setting the file type to 'TEXT', but setting no creator, instead of its own. “Applications that are not a primary editor for documents of a given type should not set a creator code for those documents.”

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