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I think I've fixed about 90% of the IE6 problems, I found a machine at
school that had it installed. There are still some spacing issues,
but as I Am Not A Web Designer™ they can wait.

Sorry it's been quiet here recently. I've been looking into some new
research ideas my advisor has proposed, but needed a break last night
and wrote a hack for F-Script, a
Smalltalk interpreter written in Cocoa. It embeds F-Script into
arbitrary applications, while they're running, a bit like a debugger.
I wrote it out of frustration with trying to get at the internals of with gdb. This should really help me in developing

Amazingly enough, the hard part was identifying what was a Cocoa app
so the user interface would display an accurate list. The built-in
method is broken, so I had to synthesize something from the source of
otool (thank you, Darwin). Other pieces came out of ASM, TextExtras,
libPatch, and the still-unfinished HostLauncher.

Once I work out a few issues I should be able to release it. I doubt
it'll have as wide applicability as ICeCoffEE, but it was just one
night's work!

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