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iView MediaPro 1.4 is out, too. iView MediaPro is a powerful yet elegant application that, unfortunately, has been less than stable on Mac OS X recently. If the final version of 1.4 is anything like the betas I've been using, lack of stability is no longer an issue.

To any iView MediaPro users reading this: if you haven't tried cataloging fonts in iView MediaPro, do it! Just drop your fonts folders onto a catalog, and you'll have an easy-to-navigate font list and samples. [Or is anyone reading this at all?]

I wish Apple had bought iView MediaPro and turned it into iPhoto, the way they did with SoundJam and iTunes. I have no doubt iPhoto would have been a dramatically better application if they had, instead of the current mess (cluttering your hard disk with strangely named files, copying your photos instead of cataloging in place, slow, inflexible, and buggy).

One thing iView MediaPro can learn from iPhoto is the ability to organize incoming media into “rolls”. Last month (before iPhoto was released) I did some work on creating an analog with AppleScript Studio and Apple’s Image Capture, but ran into some bugs that stopped me along the way. I'm waiting for some bug fixes in AppleScript Studio before I can continue.

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