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Wow, when you're not paying attention, time goes by fast. The new B5 movie (and potential series pilot) is on Saturday. Need to find a friend with a TV, including cable and SciFi. This time last year, I was working my way through the entire B5 series on Video CD, which a friend loaned me (he's from Singapore, where they sold the series like that long before it was sold here.)

I got Quicken 2002 for Mac yesterday on CD. It wasn't for me, I'm still using Quicken 98 on my PowerBook, but for my father. I used Disk Copy to make an image of it, SSH'ed into my father's PowerBook G4 with OS X, copied the file over, installed it via Timbuktu (as well as an update to Watson which I noticed he was using), and copied his data files off my mom's PowerBook, all while he was in the shower. I love the Internet.

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