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So, I woke up in the morning, went to boot 8.6 on MOL, and it didn't work. Spent another hour before I realized it was the “Mac OS ROM” problem in reverse, except it didn't manifest itself the same way—the screen turned black halfway through booting, so I diagnosed it originally as a monitor resolution issue. And audio sort of works on 8.6, as long as I don't touch the volume control. I got networking to work, too, after some slogging through the MOL mailing list. The SBP2 driver is kind of flaky; when I inserted 'insmod ieee1394; insmod ohci1394; insmod sbp2' into a MOL setup script, my FireWire hard drive wasn't recognized until I stuck in a 'sleep 1' before the sbp2 line.

I'm now seriously thinking of getting a new iMac or iBook for home. Losing an entire weekend to struggling with flaky software on obsolete hardware isn't my idea of fun, especially when I am behind with my research.

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