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Well, if Jim is doing the upstreaming-to-Conversant thing, it shouldn't be so much of a surprise that I'm working on the upstreaming-to-WebDAV thing. My first upstreaming success is here. I haven't tackled the hard problem of deleting yet, but this is a start. (This post should be upstreamed there, too, I hope...)

Question about the #upstream.xml files for anyone who's watching: As a test, I added an #upstream.xml to the www/categories/webdavTest folder. When I added a theme to that folder, Radio created an images folder inside the webdavTest folder. But that images folder got upstreamed to UserLand's server using the xmlStorageSystem driver, not using my #upstream.xml. Is it normal behavior that the #upstream.xml does not affect an entire hierarchy? (This is different from how #directives have worked since Frontier 4, in that case.)

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