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Safari crashes

Jussi Yes, it does seem a bit bizarre. I have not been seeing that on my system and I too surf at Macworld almost every day. Have you investigated the crashlogs, is there anything that might give a clue why that is happening? If so and you have the time you probably should report the bug to the Bugzilla of WebKit Project. Nicholas Riley Here’s the crash log: Exception: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (0x0001) Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE (0x0002) at… (PBXes, i-p-tel): horrendously bad customer service

Luksander Hi, I have similar issue. I create another account for my mam but finaly She never use it. After some time I get the same message about disabling my mama’s account or delete it. I coudn’t find option how to delete the accout so I left it alone for disabling. This was fine. After month or so I get message My accunt will be dissabled becouse of the same reasons. And it is disable now. I cant find any phone number or email to contact…

Goodbye, arnold

19:00 = sabi [] quit (Quit: goodbye, arnold old friend.) […] overlord% console arnold Enter njriley@console’s password: [Enter `^Ec?’ for help] arnold console login: nicholas Password: Last login: Sat May 17 22:24:06 from […] {nicholas#console@arnold:1025} ~%sudo /usr/sbin/shutdown -i6 -g0 -y 7:21PM Shutdown started. Sun May 18 19:21:17 CDT 2008 Changing to init state 6 – please wait Broadcast Message from root…

Overriding DNS for domains in OS X Tiger

jrg That solution didn’t worked for me. I’ve installed TunnerBrick and used this scripts: Now i’m happy! Nicholas Riley Glad it works for you. The method that script uses is extremely fragile, is not recommended by Apple, and does not work with multiple simultaneous VPN connections, however. I haven’t tried it, but it seems that dropping the current connection on VPN disconnect may…

Finally nearing the end of the proposal trail. I don't think I've done enough work on background reading, still, but it seems you never can. As a side note, I've been working in MORE the whole time. It still is the best tool I've found for organizing my ideas. I can slice, dice, show and hide things. Hoisting and cloning are wonderful; I've got a template which I wrote from, and another one that I used for my ideas….

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