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Dragon NaturallySpeaking roaming user profiles with Apache

Some editions of Dragon NaturallySpeaking (including Medical) support a Roaming User Profile feature. With this, you can store your voice profile on a server and download it to/upload it from computers on which you dictate. Like most aspects of Dragon NaturallySpeaking, it’s unnecessarily complex and flaky, but I got it to work in my distinctly non-enterprise environment a few weeks ago. For anyone else in a similar situation who wants their...

Goodbye, arnold

…Chris Cool to read about this old equipment! It is sad to see old trusty servers go :(. You mentioned a G4, I actually just (within the last 3 weeks) set up a PowerMac G4 tower as a QuakeWorld server :p. Good times….

Odds and ends

WWDC was fun, if exhausting; everything went wonderfuly smoothly (ignoring the traffic on 101 driving into SF on Friday night) until my flight home, when we were delayed four hours while United maintenance drove two bolts from SFO to SJC. Joy. For some reason I didn’t get too much out of the WWDC sessions; perhaps I picked the wrong ones to attend. The small amount of time I spent in the labs made me wish I had hung out there more. I got…

Overriding DNS for domains in OS X Tiger

ACM@UIUC has a bunch of machines behind NAT, which are all in the non-publicly-served domain, and as I started to need these machines more for my research, I got annoyed at having to do a nested ssh every time I wanted to access them. The obvious solution was a VPN. I set up OpenVPN on our OpenBSD router box. I’ve done enough OpenVPN evangelism here, so I won’t do more than say it’s worth checking out….

Last week was very busy; despite my pouring copious hours into it, my research is going slower than I could possibly have imagined. For the current round of experiments I'm using much higher-quality tools than I did last semester, and I sure appreciate not having to fix stupid bugs everywhere I look. Slowness comes from the learning curve—so many tools to understand, so many configuration options to confound, so many places a feature…

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