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Finally moved everything off PBXes today. (Of course, I can’t delete the PBXes account until it expires.) I feel quite a bit better to no longer be trusting my phone service to a company like that.

I replaced it with Yate and FreeSentral running on a VPS. I can’t say setting up Yate was easy or the documentation was great, but the software seems robust and I like the architecture. Particularly, I was impressed that I was able to use FreeSentral where it worked, but able to override routing where needed without modifying FreeSentral.

A Yate troubleshooting tip: run with -vvvvv and read the entire log file. Just because something appears to fail in a particular place doesn’t mean it has (i.e, that you’re reading the log correctly), or that the failure was at that place. It could have been much earlier, such as during module loading. Knowing this would have saved me many a wasted hour.