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AntiRSI 1.4njr4

Since releasing AntiRSI 1.4njr2 I’ve made a couple more minor releases.

1.4njr3, released on November 5, fixes some graphical rounding issues reported by Andy Reitz; the times were displayed as 3:01, 2:00, 2:59, etc. I was really surprised I never noticed this myself.

1.4njr4 shows the break window in all Spaces on Leopard; of course you could do this with the Spaces preference pane, but doing so by default makes sense. It also stops AntiRSI from getting focus when you hit the “Postpone” button (Cocoa’s API for this is…interesting). Or, if you have AntiRSI set to force itself to the front during breaks, it’ll bring your previous app to the front when the break is finished so you can resume work.

I’ve made some Spaces-related changes for Pester, too, and will try to get beta 8 released one of these days. Happily, my research is going really well at the moment and I don’t want to disturb my focus.

Download AntiRSI 1.4njr4 here, or just use the “Check for Updates…” item in the AntiRSI menu if you’ve already got my version of AntiRSI installed.