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Moved servers

This weblog is now running on a brand new Joyent Shared Accelerator. It brings all kinds of great goodies such as OpenSolaris, ZFS, greater resource limits and newer versions of PHP and MySQL, but hopefully the average reader won’t notice any difference aside from pages rendering a bit faster. Stumbling blocks were MySQL character set conversion (when is UTF-8 not UTF-8?) and a change in PHP object handling breaking the OpenID plugin (patch).

Still remaining in the great server migration: moving, and from their current locations on, and, respectively. It’ll be great when I have consolidated and don’t have to play sysadmin quite so much.

If you’re missing frequent posts and are interested in the minutiae of my life, feel free to watch Twitter and Flickr. As I’m wrapping up writing and getting back to research coding again, you’ll find lots of complaints about broken software in the near future, I’m sure. (Currently I’m fighting with JPackage; why oh why must the CS department have standardized on Red Hat?)