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1001Screenshot 1.0.2 released

Just a minor fix because 1001 1.0b44 gained a hyphen in its bundle identifier; it is now tv.kung-foo.1001 instead of tv.kungfoo.1001. Download here; requires Mac OS X 10.3 or later and, obviously, 1001 and a Flickr account.

And since I posted the original message about this, 1.0b45 came out. 1001 continues getting nicer; maybe I should actually use my real camera a bit more, instead of just posting screenshots and poor-quality phonecam pictures :-)

Now, off to install my new bike tires before I go to school.

(Doh, the link was broken; fixed. The new tire I installed survived the trip to school; so far, so good.)

Cisco VPN client installer destroys /opt

I haven’t seen this complained about very much, but see here. If you run recent versions of the Mac OS X Cisco VPN client installer, it will destroy the permissions on the contents of /opt, and turn /opt into a symbolic link to /private/opt for no good reason. I’m currently restoring my DarwinPorts setup from a backup.

Luckily, the one reason I needed to use the campus VPN is gone ( supported only SMB access, which is firewalled, and not WebDAV/SSL, which works now). Unfortunately, despite the usability of vpnc, I couldn’t get it to work on OS X; after a bit of minor source hacking, the tunnel would be set up and the routes established but nothing would go through it.