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Quarter Life Crisis has a great travelogue of Portugal, Germany, London, and Oslo, as a bunch of weblog posts all Interesting to hear about the weight limitations on Ryanair, which a few of my friends are flying from London to the Torp airport outside Oslo.

Had a nice dinner tonight with Mark Benedetto King, like me a former EFnet #unixer and current Subversion contributor. He doesn't exactly look like this any more, and I'm sure glad I no longer look like this.

Vonage has improved their voicemail status notifications email to reach parity with their previous system. The message body is now customizable, so I embed a URL to the voicemail system so our messages are just a click away. Still wish the notification emails contained a direct link to the message, or better yet the message itself as an attachment.

I called the new voice response system for the first time today to record an outgoing message and was very impressed. It was the easiest setup of any voice mail system I've tried: fast, responsive and helpful.

So much to do this week sysadmin-wise for my family—setting up network monitoring, Web and mail servers, backups, buying a serial cable for the UPS. I really never imagined I'd be having to maintain 4 laptops, 2 desktops and 4 servers for my family, or how much time it would take.

Our newest server is arnold, a used Sun Ultra 2 I picked up for about $300 including shipping. Currently it's not doing anything public, but it will take over for hamton as, and serve as backup MX and primary webserver for—meaning I can get my family's stuff off the domain where it doesn't really belong.

Relearning Solaris has certainly been an adventure, helped greatly by the Solaris guru who's hosting arnold for me. I really miss Debian's packaging tools, but appreciate the overall quality of the OS in comparison with Linux.