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Jon Rentsch's weblog has been up and running for a few weeks—if you're into WebObjects or Mac development, you'll want to check it out. He wrote (in WebObjects) the weblog software he uses, and has released a lot of code to the community, including a neat Objective-C to C++ exception bridge which he mentioned a few weeks ago.

I've moved the last of my personal web materials off the university's network, so I can finally say goodbye to the ugly URLs. Say hi to, an old PC running Debian and Apache 2. Certain URLs will redirect to, which is hamton. The process went reasonably smoothly, not counting the first hard drive which died immediately after I finished copying everything to it, or the four hours I wasted figuring out Apache's bizarre virtual host syntax or lack of error messages when I included ScriptAlias but had not enabled mod_cgi. Still need to check that my RSS feeds are properly being upstreamed by WebDAV, and set up backups, but it's a great improvement.

ICeCoffEE 1.3.1 released: changes resolve conflicts with speech recognition, Xounds, and non-foreground applications. The application popup menu is now sorted by name. If you're using 1.3, please upgrade.