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Eric Albert points to a beautifully written essay on switching. It certainly resonates with me, as it's about life choices more than it is the Mac.

Since the response from my beta testers has been less than overwhelming, please download ICeCoffEE 1.3b2 and let me know if you experience any problems. Aside from updating to a slightly newer APE and changing the version number in about 45 places, this will be 1.3 final unless I hear of any more bugs.

Monaco 10 in Emacs

I finally figured out a way to get the Carbon port of Emacs to use another font than Monaco 12 for windows (or frames in Emacs parlance) after the first window.

The obvious custom-set-faces only affects the first window, but the following works:

(cond ((eq window-system 'mac)
       ; needed for subsequent windows because custom-set-faces somehow         
       ; doesn't apply and we reset to Monaco 12 otherwise                      
       (setq default-frame-alist '((font . "-*-Monaco-*-100-*")))

I had a few hours to work on ICeCoffEE over the weekend: it went well, and I've implemented some preliminary Carbon support. My research is sucking up considerably more than the usual amount of time this week, so it'll probably be Saturday until I get a chance to finish.

This may be old news for everyone else, but if you use Radio or another system compatible with its comments interface, you can get a RSS feed of your comments courtesy of Philip Pearson's Comment Monitor service. We've been going back and forth on the PyCS site about migrating my comments to a faster server, but it'll take some work.

I was all ready to schedule my weekend around the scheduled downtime for rhap0 (the server node for one of our group's Linux clusters), but our new cluster sysadmin noticed everyone was logged off now and decided to upgrade it tonight instead. He is kicking some serious ass. So much for my full day of immunology studying, though.

Kuk Sool Won is up and going again this semester, now with a website that, uh, isn't a porn site (domain hijackers, sigh).

I was looking to find a new edition of Janeway's Immunobiology, as none of the local bookstores had a copy; a search on Dealtime revealed Wal-Mart as an option. Scary.

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