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Sitting in the audience at MacHack now. No, I'm not blogging Tim O'Reilly's keynote, assuming he shows up, I'm too exhausted to be coherent (been up most of the past two days, perhaps three hours of sleep).

Great: the day after I order an 802.11b access point for home, I find out everyone was recommending one that wasn't even included in the review I read. For once, I didn't do my homework (ask someone around my lab how many hours I spent picking out headphones…) and I got stuck with an inferior product. I bought the ZoomAir IG-4165 for $160 when I could have bought the more capable, easier-to-use SMC for $135. Oh well.

Update: seems both access points have the same internals, made by AMIT, so I just spent a bit too much money and missed out on two Ethernet ports. If the extremely similar administration Web page layouts and manuals were not a dead giveaway, there's an '@M!T' signature in the Zoom firmware right before the file listing that confirms it.