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Weird, someone pointed to my weblog from a now-deleted message on the Radio discussion group. I didn't post that message, and I have no idea what writing of mine they linked to, but if it was construed as being critical of Radio, uh… that was not my intention.

The work I did this weekend made me realize further how incredibly cool Radio is, seamless rendering and upstreaming, and the largely unused work from Radio 7 in which outlines became media for interaction. Sure, there are some bugs in there, but it is tremendously nice to be able to see much of the code that makes Radio work.

Apple always seems to "accidentally" leave a code name unfixed somewhere in their CPU dev notes (in a few cases, such as the 101 PowerBooks, it was even left behind in the filenames on the Web site). Regarding the eMac: "The Uni-N 1.5 IC used in the Northen Lights G4 computer [sic]..." In the PowerBook G4 DVI note: "With the Hydra adapter, available separately, the PowerBook G4 computer can be used with any digital Apple monitor that has an ADC connector."

Thanks to a reader who sent me a screenshot of toDo.root's (lack of) checkboxes on Windows, I finally fixed the icons and released “To Do for Radio” 1.0.1. In addition to the re-converted icons which should hopefully show up on Windows, my work so far on rendering scripts (which I discussed in yesterday's posts, and the results of which you can see here) are in there too. They won't do anything until you add rendering info to your OPML file, and since rendering is broken right now, don't do that.

Installed the Dreamweaver MX preview, but both the setup app (“VSetupT”, what a wonderfully nice name) and Dreamweaver itself just crash on startup. So much for that.

Turns out VSetupT is incompatible with OS X (it has to do with copy protection, judging by looking at the version info). Choose “Open in the Classic Environment”, double-click it, then double-click Dreamweaver and it should work.
First impressions: Macromedia still hasn't cleaned up their act on GUI polish. I always found FreeHand and Dreamweaver much more annoying to use than their often feature-poorer Adobe counterparts for this reason.

The “License Manager” app blocks access the first time you run it, but it's unclear what's happening if you click on Dreamweaver; you have to discover that the License Manager app is waiting for you to answer a question. Clicking tabs on the toolbar causes it to flash annoyingly, and double-clicking the “Insert” triangle causes the toolbar to expand to the height of the screen (what's the point?) The windows dock together, but in a way that doesn't respect the shadows OS X includes, so the document window overlaps the shadow of the palette above it. “Preferences – Validator” shows Windows style checkboxes. Drag and drop in the source view shows inadequate feedback. Switching a palette from horizontal to vertical takes 3 seconds on my G4/533. Toolbar buttons stay highlighted when you move off them, even though they shouldn't.

Perhaps I'm being too hard on Macromedia for these issues, but they don't exactly inspire confidence for the core of the program being solid. I'll take a longer look at some point in the future, when I can give it (and GoLive 7) more than a cursory look.

Megan Seling and Min Liao (I think Nicholas is the only person who can see these subjects). I learned yesterday that Brian Goedde, The Stranger's calendar editor and token hiphop writer, has moved on. His replacement first… []

Yes, I see it. :-)

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