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The Pinstripe theme for Mozilla on Mac OS X is updated with nsITheme (Appearance Manager) support. Looking much nicer, but still too slow for me to use as my primary browser. Go Chimera!

Rushabh, a friend of mine who I met my first semester here, has a nice Web site that he never told me about. The India photos are great… wish I could have gone on that trip.

FutureBasic 6 is out including Mac OS X compatibility. I wonder if Greg Neagle will find time to Carbonize BulkRate (perhaps the crashiest piece of software I use, but there's no alternative I know of). Aside from BulkRate, the remaining applications I use every day in Classic: MacSOUP, Serial Port Monitor/Conduit Manager (for the AvantGo conduit, I sync natively for everything else), and MORE. It still astonishes me that there's nothing better than MORE.

I slept in today, can you tell?

Brent's leaving UserLand. Wow. For some reason my first reaction was to laugh. I think of the line he wrote a while ago, regarding his jobs: "busboy busboy busboy busboy UserLand". Brent, I have a tremendous amount of respect for you; working at a small company on products people feel strongly about, always with far more work to do than the time exists, yet still living life and enjoying it. I only wish I had the same abilities—I always struggle to find a balance.

Good luck with whatever you decide to pursue. Though I doubt you need it.

Patrick Beard mentioned (a few days ago) that he wanted to upstream with Radio to his iTools Web site. iDisk now supports WebDAV connections, so I tried it, and exposed a couple of bugs in my WebDAV upstream driver. Here's my test site.

Haven't heard anything about the latest version, but I cleaned up the documentation tonight and should be ready for release tomorrow.

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