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Finished. Finally.

I'm having a very annoying problem with OS X that just started yesterday.

Classic only starts once per OS launch. After that, it no longer works. I really don't have time to deal with this right now.

I went from “huh?” to “wow!” in one day with my Instant Outline… what a terrific concept. The very un-sophistication of it is quite appropriate for impromptu, self-organizing thoughts. It seems like it would be a great solution for communication in my family. We could run our own Radio server and share outlines.

From #mozilla today:

<oeschger> bryner: so is the tree closed in earnest right now?
<bryner> what do you mean?
<oeschger> there's that msg from last night about tp performance..
<bryner> yeah, it's still being looked at
<oeschger> ah. ok.
<bryner> dbaron: do you think we should reopen?
<bryner> so what i'm getting ready to do is blow away the tree on btek and start it over as a regular tbox
<bryner> any objections?
* bryner doesn't hear any
<bryner> done

Thus ends another wild-goose chase for performance regressions.

It's all the rage; yes, I have an OPML coffee mug. You can read about what I did tonight in my instant outline.

RUPipeFilters: A RU tool that does something I can't figure out, but it uses my updater code, so it must be good. :-)

New version of launch out, with some minor fixes, and a cool contributed script that lets you talk to launch while not logged in at the console.

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