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The Mozilla String Guide: Interesting reading.

Oh, in case you were wondering, this was the best character set reference I found; also check the glossary it links to.

After wondering one too many times what the difference between UTF-16 and UCS-2 are, I did a search on Google: "UTF-16 UCS-2 difference". The sponsored link was to

1 EDI Source, Inc. - The One Source For All Of Your EDI Needs

Wondering what on earth it had to do with my query, I clicked. The Web site did not contain anywhere, information on what on earth their software did (nor did it define EDI). Impressive. I guess it's one of those "if you don't know what it is, you don't need it" things, and I still don't know how it relates to Unicode encodings.

Two ways to kill Classic I didn't know about, attributed to MacFixIt by MWJ:

To kill Classic in Mac OS X, you can either press Command-Option-Escape and pick "Classic Environment" from the list, or press Command-Option-Shift-Q (be careful, there's no warning or confirmation)

Ouch. The second one doeesn't sound too good, but the first is useful. I had always been using the Classic System Preference pane to do it.

To my anonymous detractor, put your name on things if you expect a response.

testing, again.

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