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Does this site look OK in IE 6 for Windows now? I looked at it yesterday, and it looked like garbage.

Please let me know (email link at the bottom, or click “About Me” at left). Send a screenshot if possible. Thanks.

Too exhausted to do anything else, so I'm going home.

Messing around with the template a bit. Wish there wasn't so much duplication in the theme design, especially with the CSS. Content management anyone? Should see how much of the old website framework stuff applies in Radio.

Did some more work last night on trying to get support in ICeCoffEE. TermView claims to implement NSTextInput, but it doesn't.

Breakpoint 1, -[ICeCoffEETerminal _singleClick::]
    (self=0x23e86a0, _cmd=0x276c4, line=0, col=14) at ICeCoffEETerminal.m:198
198         NSEvent *e = [[self window] currentEvent];
(gdb) p (NSRange)[self markedRange]
$3 = {
  location = 0, 
  length = 0
(gdb) p (BOOL)[self hasMarkedText]
$4 = 0 '\000'

Macworld SF report is up, or at least the beginning of
it (from last Monday). He updates so infrequently that I almost don't
go to his site, but it's so funny and/or informative that I remember
every once in a while.

And sitting next to Andy Ihnatko (even if he doesn't know me from a
bar of soap :) during the Mac team reunion at MacHack 2001 definitely
ranks among the most incredible experiences of my life.

I really miss Mac OS 9. I miss my Mac responding instantaneously yet predictably. I miss zoom rectangles and a Finder that works.


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